WOB Distillery – Authentic Design by Wolfram Ortner

In order to create something perfect, you have to live it. In this way, everything becomes simple and the quality is right. But Wolfram Ortner's demands are even higher: Each product must display its own distinct character, visible from its conception to the creation by hand and down to the artwork on the label.

  •     Fine distillates / distilled beverages and the Parfum de Vie in hand-blown flasks
  •     Hand-blown glass creations in the innovative WOB design
  •     Individual and beautiful presents, cigars and coffee

Handmade goods for finer living!

The discovery of the interior

Our pralines with brandy, for which we came up with an unusual cover, are a sweet seduction. However, it is also seductive and thrilling to open something attractively wrapped. A certain charm lies in revealing the still unknown contents - and this is also a part of the joy of receiving presents. It is almost as much fun for those who are giving to lovingly wrap something desired or even something surprising, as it is for those receiving gifts, such as the following.

  • Glasses in the classy WOB-design.
  • Selected distillates in bottles with artists' labels.
  • Liquor-filled chocolates with matching fine spirits.

"There are hardly any limits to your individual requests in gift sets!"

WOB Wolfram Ortner / authentic design / Untertscherner Weg 3 / 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim / Austria / Nock-Land
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