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WOB LE Serie

The WOB "LE" limited edition - a new glass design full of vim and vigour

Shapeliness and functionality - these are Wolfram Ortner's requirements of a successful glass design. Plus, of course, perfect craftsmanship and resistance to breaking. The trademark of his glass creations is their angular form, for which he, as the "father" of all similar glasses, is responsible.

Two new WOB limited edition glasses are coming on the market: the Malt LE and the Barrique LE - and they are bringing new momentum to the glass world with them. The angular shape in the "chimney" has been modified by a spirited line in the design.

WOB Malt LE: be it bourbon, Japanese, Scotch or Irish whiskey - the Malt LE offers them all a congenial partner. Primary, secondary or tertiary aromas alike, the glass concentrates the contents and harmoniously brings out the flavour. It is thus also ideally suited as a universal tasting glass - above all when it comes to barrel-aged spirits.

WOB Barrique LE: Full-bodied white and red wines specially matured in small wooden barrels are characterised by concentrated aromas and a varying richness of flavour. They need plenty of room and air in order to develop quickly and in complete harmony. The Barrique LE provides the perfect conditions for this to happen.

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