Wolfram Ortner distillery – 25 years of pure pleasure from the Carinthian Nock region

In 1989, Wolfram Ortner planted the highest vineyard on Carinthian soil at 1,000 metres above sea level. To be able to have a product available for his vineyard investors right from the beginning, he began with the production of fine distillates. This ‘apology’ became a profession, run with sportive ambition and the goal of continually improving the products to get as close as possible to the perfect ‘spirit’.

The heart of the fruit

philo2Schnapps (spirits) are a product of nature. Only with a lot of experience, patience and intuition from the distilling master can the unmistakable aroma of fully ripe fruit be caught. Only with meticulous cleanliness, advanced technology and innumerable manual steps of operation will brandies which fulfill the highest claims turn out well. And for us, only such products are worth being presented on the market in an unmistakable design.
  • Spirits from selected varieties of fruit.
  • Barrique-stored brandies with a fine touch of wood.  
  • Exclusive, powerful cigar liquors.  

"Taste your favorites in the château of precious spirits!"

The form in perfection

philo3The ancient art of craftmanship shapes fascinating objects by the force of fire. Every glass is handblown and becomes very individual in form through many manipulations. The innovative, progressive design perfectly accentuates the character of the contents. The fitting partner for every drink is its glass, which provides in each of these cases a special drinking experience.  

  • Cognac, whiskey or brandies from fine fruit.
  • Wines and sparkling wines in all stages of maturity. 
  • Water and beer. 
  • "Also become enchanted by the glass accessories for the laid table!"

The beauty of that which is useful

philo6The beauty of that which is useful Some things are only really valued when they are not at hand. The true value of goods which have a certain use can be measured by how much easier they make everyday life. But who says that they should not also embellish visually by perfect design? The anticipation of pleasure to come often goes together with the functioning of small objects

  • Accessories for wine friends.
  • Decorative folklore creatures for the kitchen.  
  • Multifuncional pocket knives for the wilderness.  

"Take a little coaching in the art of giving gifts!"

The sources of inspiration

philo7The best ideas come in relaxed situations. Creative imagination results from the dynamic alternation of tension and relaxation, regeneration and stimulation. And for that, creative people have always used different stimulants to a sensible degree. Well-tried and highly up-to-date are coffee and cigars.

  • We provide just that for the suitable environment.
  • Stylish accessories for the cigar connoisseur.
  • Everything around the espresso selected brandies for a spiritual partnership.

"Enjoy ‘The Spirit of WOB’, perhaps as a member of the Cigar Club as well!"

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