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WOBart: PICTUREbook XX23

For someone who was barely able to draw a stick figure in school, I somehow (I'm aware that self praise has a certain aftertaste) developed quite reasonably with age. With regards to craftsmanship, I enjoyed a perfect education: weapons, tree houses, log houses, soapbox vehicles etc. which always fascinated me and I was a regular guest at the local blacksmiths and carpentry shop.

Turning 28, I founded my own PR and advertising agency and from that moment onwards, design, as such, has been my daily companion ever since. Printworks, logos, glass and watch design - you name it. So developing a concept in my head, picking up a paint brush and a spatula, and delivering an as good as possible piece of craft made of paper or wood was a logical step.

My former school headmaster in Stams, Prof. Volker Baumgartner, fired up a rocket in me with his cubism works. In 2003, I began this fascinating hobby in earnest, even though it sometimes ended up being a bit stressful and with lots of work. Now in 2023, I can look back on my 20 year "career" and thank all my friends and customers, who like and enjoy my work. Just moving the brush around however is not enough, artwork needs to be sold as well.

In 2016, I met up with my sports colleagues Dr. Karl Schnabl and Alf Lengauer for our first painting session, which helped me a lot from the get-go - my training and further development thus far.

In the past 20 years, I have been mostly focussing on themes and techniques and their implementation - some of my 2023 installations took 5 years of preparation and maturing, until I was fully satisfied with them and they showed themselves to be little "master pieces". It simply makes me happy.

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